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: is it just me or are the last two weeks before christmas always hellish? like school gets stressful work gets insanely busy. it’s just wild and i cant wait for break - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #harrystyles #harryedwardstyles #treatpeoplewithkindness #videoedits #ae #harrystylesliveontour #harrystylesupdates #harrystylesimagine #chasm #loveislove #treatpeoplewithkindness #onedirection #niallhoran #zayn #louistomlinson #liampayne

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Walking the Wire Pt 107 “Hey Professor Styles. Thanks for meeting with me, we need to talk about some things.” ——————— #TFHWTW #harrystylesimagine #harrystylestextpost #textingharrystyles #textingharry #textingharryseries

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no balls you wont @harrystyles

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Walking the Wire Pt 106 You sighed as you placed the last of your clothes in the suitcase. Looking at the open bag on your bed, you couldn’t help but feel nauseous as the thought of the trip loomed in your mind. While you had been looking forward to the trip for a while now, you couldn’t help but dread at the thought of it. The thought of the eight hour flight was one part, but the thought of either being stuck next to Harry, or one of the students who admired him, was another. You knew you weren’t mad at him, but you also knew that you didn’t know what to say to him either. Didn’t know how to ask him about the woman, or about the things she had stated. While part of you was hoping what she said was false, part of you knew that there had to have been some truth to it as well. A knock at your door pulled you out of your thoughts. Looking towards the door, you saw Zendaya, as she gave you a small smile. “Everything okay?” She said as she walked towards your bed, sitting down carefully on the side. Taking in a long, drawn breath, you nodded your head. “Of course, why wouldn’t-” (Continues )

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@harrystyles i miss ur smile🤧 sadyeehaw 🤠

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When your boyfriend asks to read what you’ve written and he doesn’t heed to your warnings and does it anyway

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1D grouphug thread ———— idk what to put as caption, but i miss them as a band. (i do stan solo tho )

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Lol remember when IG was fun

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thank god harrys back in london 🤧

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@raunchy_bands - Not A Rapper

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harry is the king of wearing red

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omg you’d think he’d be more suave lol

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Un bel giorno tutto avrà un senso. Quindi, per il momento, non farti deprimere dalla confusione, sorridi attraverso le lacrime e cerca di comprendere che tutto ciò che succede ha una ragione #harrystyles #harry #styles #onedirection #1d #directioner #1direction #hot #love #cute #happy #boys #guys #photooftheday #harrystylesimagine #instagood #hazza #hazzastyles #harryedwardstyles #lovedirectioners #harreh #harold #haroldstyles #harryimagine #woman

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two legends we love ️.。.:*

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What's your name and what does it mean?

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License of a lifetime chapter 21: - “Harry?” You say quietly in complete disbelief. He hears your sobs and tells you it’s all going to be okay and that you should stop crying. “Y/n, I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone as much as I love you and we haven’t even kissed yet. I came back. I couldn’t concentrate at any meeting I had back in LA because all I could think about was you. You and your soft hair, gorgeous smile, adorable Etsy pyjamas and overall just how perfect you are. I can’t let you go, even if I run away my heart always stays with me and always goes out to you.” You start balling your eyes out. “And you’re telling me to stop crying?! How is that even possible?!!” You laugh nervously. “Y/n, come kiss me. I’m at your front door.” Harry says and you run downstairs. - Hope you enjoyed reading! Ily! X - #harrystylesalbum #harrystylesedits #harrystylesedit #harrystyles #harrystyleslive #harrystylesliveontour #harrystylesfanfic #harrystylesupdates #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesimagines

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License of a lifetime chapter 20: - Your heart sinks to your stomach once you read the text Harry has sent you. “Wow you really blew it Y/n.” you sigh to yourself. You didn’t think it was possible to hate yourself more than you had been doing in the past weeks, yet here you are feeling all the worst feelings you’ve ever felt all at once. You’d never see Harry again unless it’s on the stupid walls of your terrible room. Speaking of those walls, you start tearing your posters off of ‘em. With tears streaming down your face, you grab Harry’s dreamy eyes and tear your favourite and biggest poster off. After a few minutes you crash and throw yourself on top of your bed. You look over at your clock to see that it’s already 3 am. Covered in poster shreds you cry yourself to sleep. Until you get a phone call at 4:50 am. It’s Harry. - Hope you enjoyed reading! Ily! X - #harrystylesalbum #harrystylesedits #harrystylesedit #harrystyles #harrystyleslive #harrystylesliveontour #harrystylesfanfic #harrystylesupdates #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesimagines

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the prettiest guy ive ever seen 🦋 - @harrystyles i miss you

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So many chapters written last night, pretty damn proud of myself. Gonna stay in bed with my boo today! Happy Sunday. #enraptureharry

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i’m catching up on the apprentice and getting emotional over chocolates woop woop

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omg last night @ dinner i saw cindy crawford & her husband, and brody jenner

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Goodnight I love harry styles so much

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