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‘You can't miss Matthias Church with its colourful roof tiles that contrast beautifully with the blue sky. Matthias Church is a 13th century Gothic church with an interior that is as beautiful and unique as the exterior.‘ – @wanderlustcalls #lpinstatakeover #Budapest

17-02-2019 11:00:08

‘The first time I went to #Budapest, I didn’t have time to visit the Hungarian parliament building, so on my most recent trip there last November, it was high on my to-do list. If you love learning about a country’s history, then I would recommend taking the parliament tour. The highlight of the tour for me was seeing the dome of the building where the Hungarian holy crown is kept. It is guarded by the army crown guards who ceremoniously change their sword position (so don’t stand too close!)’ – @wanderlustcalls #lpinstatakeover

16-02-2019 18:00:19

‘Fisherman’s Bastion is probably one of #Budapest’s biggest tourist attractions. With its fairytale towers, I felt like I was in my very own Disney movie! If you love photography, there's a lot to get stuck into here. There are so many creative opportunities with all of the arches and towers that frame your picture perfectly. Fisherman’s Bastion also offers stunning views of the city. In this picture, you can see the dome of the Hungarian parliament building.’ – @wanderlustcalls #lpinstatakeover

16-02-2019 11:00:05

This week’s #lpinstatakeover comes from Debbie of @wanderlustcalls, a travel content creator from London. She’ll be sharing a few snaps from her recent travels to #Budapest. – ‘This photo was taken while I was travelling up in the city's funicular railway, on the Buda side of the city. Budapest is made up of three cities (Buda, Pest and Óbuda) that were unified in 1873 after being connected by the Chain Bridge in 1849.’ – @wanderlustcalls -- Stay tuned this weekend for more of Debbie's shots!

15-02-2019 18:00:15

This week's #lonelyplanet fan shot comes from Jiayi a.k.a @thediaryofanomad, who snapped this shot of Samarkand, Uzbekistan's ornate and mesmerising architectural design. -- Every week we regram a shot from our followers. Tag yours with #lonelyplanet for a potential feature!

15-02-2019 11:04:44

This week's #mylpguide shots come from @quyensland, who took her guide back to its spiritual home - #Rome, and @clararamosb, who is busy exploring #Thailand with hers. -- Every week we regram the best #mylpguide shots. Tag yours for a potential feature!

14-02-2019 14:12:41

On today’s story, #lonelyplanet local @fly.icarus.fly takes us on a floating, aquatic journey through #Vietnam’s glorious Mekong Delta, a complex network of waterways in the country’s southern tip.

13-02-2019 11:51:48

This ornate mosque can be found in the sprawling city of #Lucknow – the capital of Uttar Pradesh, as snapped by #LonelyPlanet Trailblazer @danflyingsolo on a recent trip to northern #India. 🇮🇳

12-02-2019 11:54:05

#LonelyPlanet writer @mcauliffeemily grabbed this stunning shot of Portsea on #Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, and was more than tempted to take a refreshing dip in that glorious looking water...

11-02-2019 10:54:39

Exploring the Moorish/Islamic heritage and architectural remains were some of my objectives when I spent ten days in the #Algarve. One of the cities I visited for this purpose was #Silves, to see the Moorish castle. An earthquake destroyed most of the interiors, but the stone columns are still standing strong against the test of time.' – @arabianwanderess -- That's a wrap for this weekend's #lpinstatakeover! Check out @arabianwanderess for more of Esra's shots.

10-02-2019 18:00:22

'When I perused pictures of the #Algarve online, I knew I wanted to spend a few days near the beach there, but I didn’t expect for the cliffs to take my breath away as much as they did! I spent hours walking between the rocky cliffs and the the sandy beaches. I then climbed up to walk along the cliffs, looking out across the sea. I spent three whole days of my time in #Lagos going back and forth to this view.' – @arabianwanderess #Portugal

10-02-2019 11:00:11

'One of my main motivations in visiting #Portugal was to see examples of the tiles known as 'azulejo'. After seeing the wonderful 'zellige' tiles in Spain, I wanted to check out other Moorish examples in the rest of Europe, and #Portugal has a rich heritage of them. The tiles aren’t just there for decorative purposes, but they also regulate the temperature and cool the space inside!' – @arabianwanderess

09-02-2019 16:00:15