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‘I thought it was fitting to end my #LPInstaTakeover with a gorgeous sunset. This was the scene that greeted me when I made it to #Kanazawa, one of the most vibrant cities in #Japan. Kanazawa is the best of Japan – it’s a really creative city with an amazing atmosphere, and is one of those places that you’ve just got to immerse yourself in to get the most out of it. I hope over the last few days I’ve shown you how diverse and how beautiful travelling in Japan is – this really is one of my favourite countries in the world.’ – @anadventurousworld -- That's a wrap for this weekend's #lpinstatakeover. Check out @anadventurousworld for more!

09-12-2018 18:00:08

‘Right, you can leave me here – I'm just going to spend the rest of my life taking photos in #Japan. This place is known as Battleship Rock in the north of the Noto Peninsula and it’s another amazing site in Japan. Also, you can just make out a traditional Japanese torii gate on the left to show that this is a sacred spot!’ – @anadventurousworld #lpinstatakeover #lppathfinders

09-12-2018 11:00:06

‘For a couple of days we had a driver taking us to the best sites around the rough and rugged Noto Peninsula. It was brilliant stopping off at random places by the side of the road like this one – I just love the massive prayer rope connecting these two rocks together, and there's even a tiny wooden temple on top of one of them!’ – @anadventurousworld #lpinstatakeover #lppathfinders #Japan

08-12-2018 18:00:20

‘I did not expect #Japan to look anything like this! One place I really loved exploring was Kawazu Nanadaru, the Seven Waterfalls. As the name suggests, these are seven waterfalls where you can spend a couple of hours hiking to each one. To make things even better, there are some gorgeous hot springs right at the very bottom of the waterfalls to relax and unwind in – just perfect after a long hike!’ – @anadventurousworld #lpinstatakeover #lppathfinders

08-12-2018 11:00:08

For this weekend's #lpinstatakeover, #LonelyPlanet Trailblazer @anadventurousworld will be sharing some of his favourite photos from a recent trip to #Japan. – ‘This is without a doubt one of my favourite photos from Japan! When I was researching things to do in #Wakayama, this spot at #Nachi Falls kept on coming up. Standing at 133 meters high, Nachi Falls are the tallest waterfalls in Japan, and they’re made even more beautiful by the traditional temple in the foreground. For me, this really is one of the most beautiful spots in the country.’ – @anadventurousworld -- Keep an eye on our feed this weekend for more...

07-12-2018 18:00:20

This week's #lonelyplanet regram comes from @silviabidoli who took this snowy shot in Cento, Italy ️

07-12-2018 10:30:17

This week's #mylpguide belongs to @emily___73, who snapped her #NYC book whilst crossing the iconic Brooklyn Bridge! -- Every week we regram a #mylpguide shot. Tag yours for a potential feature.

06-12-2018 15:00:11

#LonelyPlanet writer @markonthemap is currently exploring Madhya Pradesh, #India, where he snapped this incredible shot of a Bengal tiger in the wild!

05-12-2018 16:00:16

#Germany is officially one of our top 10 #BestinTravel countries to visit in 2019, and to celebrate this, @lonelyplanet_de took a specially decked-out bus for a tour of the country... Along the way they met many a #LonelyPlanet fan, and spent many happy hours chatting away about the many charms of the country they call home! 🇩🇪

04-12-2018 10:17:08

#LonelyPlanet #travel writer, @raubontheroad, is currently on assignment in #India. This shot of a monkey taking in the view was taken in #Ramtek, which is located about 40km northeast of Nagpur. The place is marked by a cluster of 10 or so ancient temples, which sit atop the Hill of Rama and have their own population of resident langur monkeys. #LPinIndia

04-12-2018 06:30:05

#LonelyPlanet team member, @wiwowowusli, is currently exploring #Japan. This shot captures the late-Autumn colours of the Koishikawa-Kōrakuen garden. Established in the mid-17th century as the property of the Tokugawa clan, it incorporates elements of Chinese and Japanese landscaping and is among Tokyo's most attractive gardens. #travel

03-12-2018 06:00:06

'Captivating #CookIslands. The second most populated island of Aitutaki has an enormous blue lagoon, which contains a number of motu (reef islets), perfect for island hopping. There is even an opportunity to get your passport stamped at One Foot Island – the island in this photo.' – @alovelyplanet -- That's all for this weekend's #lpinstatakeover! Check out @alovelyplanet for more of Hayley's shots!

02-12-2018 18:00:11