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Here comes the BOOM! Well, actually I need to improve my boxing skills before I pose 🥊

19-01-2019 14:34:50

Look at those gloves 🥊 !! Crazy! Thank you for making me sweat this morning and congrats for the new collection @bentoub @karllagerfeld

17-01-2019 14:07:17

yes I took a picture in the dirtiest place in the world

13-01-2019 15:48:42

After the 10km run that ruined my knee ‍️. I’ve been resting since then

09-01-2019 14:18:59

The face? maybe because of the sun, maybe cause I hate the cold ... don’t know but did I mention I f**** hate the cold ? ️

06-01-2019 14:58:54

Aux Champs Elysées

04-01-2019 14:35:15

CHEERS 🥂 I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I have a lot of expectations for 2019 : I’ll finally finish my engineering studies in the upcoming months and there are so many things I wanna do after ! Get ready this might be the best one (well ... only from August ⏳)

01-01-2019 14:09:16

[December 2018] At the beginning of this month I challenged myself to post everyday (retrospective of 2018). Let’s be honest, after 30 days I can tell you I’m seriously tired of it... - it’s the most time consuming shit ... I’d rather post every 3 days and live my life free of that “I have to post” stress 🧘‍️.

30-12-2018 16:06:40

[November 2018] Not sure if this was in November but it will do the job

29-12-2018 15:59:51

[November 2018] Wouldn’t it be cool to own a huge rooftop warehouse like this and furnish it from scratch ?

28-12-2018 15:47:10

[October 2018] After-party vibes next to the Eiffel Tower #Paris

27-12-2018 14:39:53

[September 2018] Trying my best not to find a cliché “Superhuman” caption

26-12-2018 14:52:50