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18-02-2019 16:39:17

Long-beaked Common Dolphin - Pacific Ocean

18-02-2019 16:38:47

in the end, you wont remember the time you spend in the office ️

18-02-2019 16:38:45

Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso️ 🇮🇹🧳 Il primo parco Nazionale italiano, istituito nel 1922. Oltre ad essere casa mia da circa sedici anni, e’ la casa di Stambecchi, caprioli, lupi, gipeti, volpi , e molte altre specie animali, che da molto prima di me, abitano questo bellissimo parco! E’ anche la casa dell unica montagna che supera i 4000 metri completamente in territorio italiano: il Gran Paradiso #savetheplanet #pngp #ig_valledaosta #aostavalley #granparadiso #naturephotography #alps #mountains #roam #roamtheplanet #planetearth #earth #earthpix #welivetoexplore #neverstopexploring #welivetotravel #beautifuldestinations #sonyalpha #sonya6300 #alphacollective #sonyalphaclub #landscapephotography #landscape #ice

18-02-2019 16:38:37

Book today and plan an adventure you will never forget! #YankeeTrails

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18-02-2019 16:37:42

Discover East Java — Admiring the deafening Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. Such an amazing experience to be here again. Definitely one of best waterfall in East Java

18-02-2019 16:37:31

When your aunt tells you to pose for a photo, you pose for the damn photo. #DinosaurDiscovery #WhattaPose #HoustonTX

18-02-2019 16:37:22

Pulled a 720 in a suburban yesterday super on purpose #snowdaysoff

18-02-2019 16:37:15

“It is never too early to begin exploring the world” Happy Family Day! #exploreKelowna : @mattfphotographycreatives

18-02-2019 16:36:49

"Never follow someone else's path unless you're in the woods and you're lost, and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that." — Ellen DeGeneres #adventure #optoutside PC @harleschatch

18-02-2019 16:36:43

Just a gorgeous view 🤷‍️. ——————————————————————— • • • • • • • • • #az #arizona #field #farm #horses #sky #clouds #wideangle #sandmarc #landscape #wanderlust #nomad #roamtheplanet #wander #adventure #nlesstravel #views #creativecontentbuilders #nature #naturephotography #earth #discoverearth #iphonephotography #illegalvisuals #hypetones #blessed #spiritual #grateful

18-02-2019 16:36:31

Lost in the northern winter. Feb 2019. PA

18-02-2019 16:36:03

The little fishing village of Arnarstapi is nestled in the foothills of Mount Stapafell in the Westfjords of Iceland.

18-02-2019 16:35:53

Magical views off the California coast.

18-02-2019 16:35:46

Cupid’s chokehold.

18-02-2019 16:35:44

Doesn’t take much to keep us happy: give us some snow and some trails and we are set to go. This also means being happy with oneself, comfortable in your own skin and with your own thoughts. While I may not always be positive or feel strong I try to continue to work on making my mind stronger to guide us along our journeys.

18-02-2019 16:35:21

From the observatory in Lake Tekapo - New Zealand. The region is a dark sky reserve, ideal place for stargazing. It is quite pretty during the day too :)

18-02-2019 16:33:24

To miss the feeling of being surrounded by green mountains and palm trees. Still allowing the time spent in India to settle within.

18-02-2019 16:33:10

This guy is headed to Ethiopia! . He’ll be gone for two weeks, while he and my dad meet with local pastors and leaders. They will be teaching the Envoy Seminar course, which educates local churches on world missions. . Please keep their safety and health in your prayers. . We will miss them back home ️ . As a child, I lived in Ethiopia from 1992-1994 and am very excited for Nick to see the church and seminary my dad built, spend time with some old friends and experience the sights, sounds and smells that I remember. . It’s crazy that as a small child living in Africa, I never would have guessed that I would grow up to marry a man who would later return with my dad to teach about the importance of world missions...God is so cool! . Follow him @handcraftedbynickstewart for photos and stories during his trip!

18-02-2019 16:33:10

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A little find somewhere along the way in Jamaica 🇯🇲 love the vibrant colors ! #caribbean #villages

18-02-2019 16:08:18

Photography by talented photographer @jslens_photo #jslensphoto

18-02-2019 12:57:01

// d e t a i l s // @fendi

18-02-2019 10:50:41

And may be this is God leading you through the toughest of adversities, by granting you the patience you need to focus on getting through it. . . اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ Follow @theoutdoorhuman for more . . @travelbloggeres @visualmobs @drawing.expression @wedding_visual @millionaire.dream @primewayoflife @visualsoflife @gramslayers @she_explores @travelexploring @enter_visual_ @quotewagon @lifetime_traveller_ @world_shotz @aroundtheworldpix @in.sta.gramers @eyeemphoto @earthoutdoors @earthhotspots @earth_portraits @earthfocus

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“Give me adventure, again, and again, and again until til my legs ache and my lungs burn, and I know every single road home.” #newzealand #royspeak #wanaka

18-02-2019 05:15:43

// s u n d a y //

17-02-2019 10:32:21

Street Style New York Fashion Week @vogueitalia#NYFW #manifesto_darte

16-02-2019 10:25:49

// happiness // Photography by talented photographer @jslens_photo #jslensphoto #manifesto_darte

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// simplicity // Photography by stunning photographer @jslens_photo #jslensphoto #manifesto_darte

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// freedom // Photography by talented photographer @jslens_photo #jslensphoto #manifesto_darte

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11-02-2019 14:26:47

"Αβάσταχτο είναι...Πικρό είναι Να σιμώνεις αργά στ'ακρογιάλι Χωρίς να είσαι ναυαγός Ούτε σωτήρας Παρά ναυάγιο." -Αναμονή, Μενέλαος Λουντέμης #doyoutravel #travelmore #goexplore #wonderfulplaces #openmyworld #lovetotravel #roamtheplanet #responsibletravel #seekmoments #momentsofmine #postcardsfromtheworld #getoutstayout #ipulledoverforthis #milos

05-11-2018 23:07:55

"God is the great mysterious motivator of what we call nature, and it has often been said by philosophers, that nature is the will of God." _Frank Lloyd Wright_ _ 🇰🇭 was probably one of the highlight of my 2018 architectural #BestYOLOJourney. It's amazing to witness how man-made ancient structure coexist harmoniously with those of mother nature here at Ta Phrom Temple _ : @patriciaapolo : Ta Phrom inner closure

06-09-2018 18:38:50